Producing Artistic Director
Yehudah Jai Husband
Shalom, Y'all! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit SHMA Theatre group online. SHMA is a Hebrew word that means, "Hear" or "Listen." In traditional Judaism, the SHMA  is the centerpiece of the morning and evening prayer services. It is an affirmation of G-d's singularity and a call to pursue godliness through observance and mitzvot. SHMA was chosen as our name to symbolize our passion for Jewish storytelling and our clarion call for that passion to be heard, listened to and experienced. 

The mission of SH’MA Theatre Group is to create meaningful, quality Jewish Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding region. As an adjunct of Congregation Adath Jeshurun, our motto is, "Open doors, open hearts, open minds." Our aim is to foster a creative space that is inclusive, challenging, meaningful and explorative of the diversity of Jewish identity, which we will strive to accomplish with our staged productions. And our commitment is to be a platform for new and innovative voices in Jewish theatre content, which we will strive to accomplish with our annual Jewish Playwrighting Competition.

We invite you to partner with us in our mission, and we solicit your patronage and support as we launch into our Aleph Season with a line-up of productions that run a gamut of World Premier dramas, traditional Jewish comedies and a beloved Jewish musical with a Yiddish spin. See our sponsorship page for information about Season Sponsorship, Title Sponsorship, Playbill advertising, Season Tickets or individual Show Tickets, and L'hitraot! (See you soon!) 
SHMA Theatre Group 2020 Production of Jest A Second by James Sherman, Directed by Yehudah Husband
From L to R: Harrison Alexander Coffman, Rita Hight, Rachel Vidal, Yehudah Jai Husband and Steve Berger
Yehudah Jai Husband
(Board Chair)

Melanie Hughes

Rachel Vidal

Rita Hight

Steve Berger

Cantor David Lipp